Your His Secret Obsession course is AMAZING – one afternoon of solid listening, I’ve put it into practice and the effects are phenomenal! You truly have saved our relationship and, while it is only a week later, we are already going from strength to strength. And we both see a wonderful future ahead of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Best investment ever!!!

Claudia H.

Your research and advice was invaluable.

My boyfriend has changed from being distant and too busy to see me – and now the opposite is true.

I kept being patient for ages. Then I read the section about not bottling it all up, fuming inside. Instead I told him by text how I felt – in a nice way, full of compliments.

He immediately asked to see me, he couldn’t wait!

We had a lovely time, and I listened well, talked a bit, following your guidance on the power and beauty of silence.

I could write a lot more, but for now, I just want to say thank you, thank you x 100!


I just wanted to let you know, I used your tip about getting his curiosity going (I told him I learned something about Dumbledore that he would never believe!) and it worked so well! He texted me right back and I asked if he could guess, and we ended up with this great ongoing text with him very curious about what the answer is, and me telling him how what great guesses he was making!

Thank you!


Wow. That was amazing. I met my ex today and I applied your methods onto him. And omg it worked!!!!!(they made so much sense too) He was really affectionate and apologizing for not treating me better the whole time I was with him!!!! Thank you so much for this article. Also I noticed that you’ve been answering peoples comments on the website helping other women out there. That is super generous of you 🙂 (of course no pressure, I know you can’t possibly answer EVERYONE) but I just have to say that you seem to genuinely care and want the women to succeed in relationships. So awesome.

Jung P. it worked. I texted my ex bf (been broken up for 6 months dated just shy of 3 yrs) yesterday morning and he surprised me at night by coming up behind me where he knew I would be and said So what is this question you have? Then he took me out to dinner/drinks.

Elisa L.

You think you have done a great job being passionate and inclusive in relationship advice. Thank you.

For someone like me who has experienced childhood trauma and knows nothing about relationships your knowledge goes far. I’ll keep on reading.


Darlene P.

I am totally happy with this course. It has revived my confidence and given me a sense of control. I used to do some of the things mentioned in your course (before ever reading your material) but I had no real target.

Your explanation of tapping into the hero instinct was the target to help me focus. I already used 1 thing I learned & already saw immediate positive results! I was amazed! I haven’t even finished reading all modules yet but I intend to reread them many times.


You are sharing great wisdom. Thank you for that!!

Also, I started reading through your course on The Hero Instinct. It’s the first course I am working on, and I find it amazingly eye-opening.

The information you are providing and the way you present it resonates deeply with me and is inspiring. Thank you for sharing important insight. It’s helping me a lot to improve my understanding of people and situations. And, I am positive this newly gained and growing awareness will help me a lot. I do enjoy reading your scripts.

The information you share is not shallow and obvious, but it runs deep. I find it very meaningful and enriching.

Thank you and be well,


I felt the same way about my long distance relationship and used the programs from James Bauer and Michael Fiore… I bought everything they offered and used the tools… it all worked! It was a valued asset to invest in my life long love… worth so much more because of my true happiness and ability to find a wonderful man and love and be loved the way we deserve to be… priceless! Now my distant and cold relationship has responsed perfect for me man… he’s hot and flooding my email with responses and has even committed himself verbally to me… turns out he was busy and focusing on some family issues and work…if I had followed my first female instinct to talk to him… it would have made him more distant… instead I just used all the tools to attract and text him romantic phrases and in no time we were back better and closer than before!!


You are an excellent source of material for the “happy life”, full of deep philosophy and potent insight into the sticky situations which we, as women, often have to face.

Thank you for all your advice which has helped me more than you will ever know!



Just wanted you to know I am deeply impressed with your teaching style. The respect misunderstanding has been my main obstacle with men. You seem to hold the keys and the way you are providing a consciousness tweaking along with examples of subtle changes showing respect is the best teaching about men I have found so far.

I only regret not buying the entire package, have grown defensive of the click bank funnel approach to add ons because of getting so many that were not worth the $$ or valuable in any way. This is the first course I have regretted not doing so.

Really really valuable!!

Thanks so much,

Pam M.

Thank you so much for this course!

I love the specific examples and how u write out details of different scenarios! It’s so important when learning how to act and speak in a different way! I would love to read more detailed examples of the types of speech to use in a relationship to best bring out the love and admiration in a relationship.

Thanks again! Love the course, I am looking forward to ur first and lengthy published book on the subject! I hope u r working on publishing one!!


What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you, I needed this today. I left my husband of 25 years for this reason, and I have been heart-sick and broken hearted ever since. I left my baggage at the door, but couldn’t quite leave the rejection there. I have been applying the principles you have taught me and I have a wonderful man in my life who has just told me that he respects me! I thought I was going to burst! What a relief to find a diamond! Thank you.

Connie P.

I would like to say that you are the most wonderful relationship coach! Since I bought your product months ago and subscribing to your emails, I can conclude this. Other relationship coaches / experts.. they give emails that aren’t really that sincere. There is always somehow a commercialised aspect to it. However with your emails, you are sincere with your words and not afraid to share extra thoughts to help others. Your emails are calming and mind-opening. At times, quite philosophical. Makes the readers more knowledgeable. May God bless you even more.

I’m writing this just to give a compliment and a great pat on the back.



Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you for all the great information and insight. I am learning so much. I want a great relationship with someone and feel you have to do your part in making that happen. Learning, experiencing, and research are the keys to becoming a better person.
I am a professional and know how important it is to come across as intellectual as possible in your field, while maintaining accuracy in presenting that knowledge. It creates confidence from the person you are “teaching”. Presentation is the key to confidence. I want to share the information to my other friends. There is so much great knowledge and insight, I don’t want them to miss any of it.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful program.


Vivian K.

Thank you so much for your time and effort in sharing your insight with women to create and build better relationships. I have enjoyed being your student, and I feel confident in working out what I have learned over the course of the past seven months. I have started a new relationship and I have already put some things into practice and it has helped. So, thank you again, and God bless you James.


All I can say is “wow” this is the most amazing information I have read in my whole entire life. It has made me look at myself in a whole new light. It has been a blessing in disguise for me. The first 24 hrs has made the biggest impact on me and everyone around me especially for my interactions with my two and half year old twin boys along with my casual partner. Thank you so so much, words can not describe how I’ve changed my way of thinking.

Kind regards,

Shannon K